Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Could it be...

- Sewing machine back? Yup.
- Free evening today? Yup again.
- Household chores to do? Probably, but I'm good at ignoring them.

Could sewing happen tonight? Keeping fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello there!

I decided that if I wait until (a) I have spare time, (b) my camera is charged, (c) I have something to show, it'd probably be another 2 months before I'd post.

So, here's a picture-less post.

Dear readers, my life is always a little busy (all self-imposed), but in the last few months, extra-busy-crazy! Here's why:

- I bought a house. Umm yeah. After 18 years of renting, I finally took the plunge and bought a wee little house. For those that know, Toronto real estate prices are absolutely insane - and this feels like a very big deal. I moved in at the end of July/start of August, and the house is still standing. (This is my measure.)

- The house comes with a back yard and a pocket-sized front yard. The front yard has a lawn. I now need to mow a lawn? And garden? Dear readers, I am becoming my parents.

- It felt like I was on vacation most of June. (This isn't true, I was away for two weeks, but there's all kinds of catch-up stuff after you go on vacation - busy!)

- It felt like I was packing all of July, in anticipation of the move. Aargh. I didn't declutter at all, so now I have a basement stuffed to the gills with unpacked boxes. (Including some fabric, groan!)

- In between that, there were cottage weekends, weddings of friends, camping trips, one very big house-warming party...

- Oh, and I have a friend staying at my place for the next three months.

Let's talk instead about sewing, shall we?

- I sort-of finished a dress. I wore it out, but decided I needed to do something clever about the midriff ruching, since it puddles unattractively right now - not quite what I was going for. But it's almost done!

- I have a sewing room! Other people might call this a guest room. (It's really the size of a generous closet.) But I have it! Even though I haven't been in it at all, I'm delighted about this.

- Oh, the last Fabricland to be subway accessible (York Mills Center) shut down at the end of July. This was not good, I was rather unhappy about this. But on the bonus side, they were selling their pattern cabinets at a pretty deep discount, and I bought one! Yay! Instant pattern storage solution for $50. (Side story - the pattern cabinet is 75% full. I could run a store out of my house. How many patterns do I have! Aargh.)

- Due to all the moving busyness, my sewing machine is off to be serviced. I have an old one I'm using as a spare, but I prefer mine. Hopefully, my sewing machine will be back this weekend.